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We’ve playedsoccer since the1800s.

We areintercultural.

We speak intongues.

We aredefiant.

We aresnowflakes.

In the beginning, railway teams traveled throughout Canada to play. Then, we had our first pro club in 1959. Later, the most popular event at our Olympic Games was a soccer game, attracting 72,000 people.

Montréal is the most integrated major city in North America and Europe. Here, we live together. When people choose to live in Montréal, they choose to integrate into the wool and fabric of a modern, open society.

What makes us completely unique is that with over 30 mother tongues spoken across the city, almost everyone speaks French and English. Sometimes in the same conversation.

And we’ve always been. It’s a result of our history. We’ve chosen to be different, to be respected, and to be free.

No two are alike, but we come together as a blizzard, a storm, a force of nature.

This is Montreal, today. This is Montreal, today.

A truly unique, creative, open-minded,and global city.

Our FavoriteColours are

Impact BlackImpact BlackImpact BlackImpact BlackImpact BlackImpact BlackImpact Black

Impact Black

It’s the unifying colour,
a reflection of all of us.


For those moonlit,
crisp winter nights.



Our roots are blue. This colour runs in our veins, since day one. And this blue is our blue, made right here in Montréal.

This is

Montréal is aUNESCO city ofdesign becauseof its people.

We are one of only three international cities of design, along with Berlin and Buenos Aires. The design of our club colours and crest is inspired by Montréal and made in Montréal, by Montrealers.

The design was inspired by icons that propelled Montreal to be recognized as a true global city, open to the world and, most of all, open to accepting the world.


A font made in Montréal by Pangram Pangram, a pairing of a grotesque that is reminiscent of the Montreal Olympics, early Métro signage and grid-based design theory, with a clean-cut monospaced typeface that was inspired by industrial design and architecture. It perfectly encapsulates the aesthetic spirit of our city that influences so many.

Club de Foot Montréal

The Arrows, A wink to the Montréal Metro, which connects all Montrealers, and the city's rich design history, but also a symbol and a reminder that everyone who comes to Montréal is welcome.

The Snowflake, The M's and arrows within the circle form the core of a snow. No two are identical, but they all look and feel the same. That's intercultural: free individuals who are stronger together.

The M's, In sequence, they make a stripped-down snowflake, a reminder that we have ice running through our veins.

The Blue Border, A representation of the water surrounding the island.


On the Field, It means all our efforts – players, staff and supporters are focused on one thing: the other goal.

Away from the Field, Evolution, innovation and always forward thinking.

The beautiful game
gnarly roots growing out
moments for an eternity
and we like to play it… our way.

More than a sphere
it’s the globe right there at our feet
and we know which way to push it
Forward, always forward.
Our differences bind us
Like snowflakes in a storm
When me becomes we, each of us
joins an unbreakable wall.

Sacrébleu. This is our turf.
We as one… One pass
One goal… One song
One moment. All at one time.

Always forward
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